Härmä Air

Härmä, Finland, is the birthplace of the world’s most innovative steel system chimney solutions.

Created with vision, decades of experience and an uncompromising attitude.

1997 Manufacturing of system chimneys begins 

2004 Finland’s first CE certified steel chimney – Siro Unique 

2004 INNOSUOMI award - fireproof insulation structure – Siro Unique 

2008 INNOSUOMI award – makeup air chimney Siro Air 

2010 Innovation award – air-cooled chimney Siro Air 

Industry Pioneer

From the beginning, we have been actively involved in the creation of modern day standards for chimney testing. Whether it is an industrial smoke extraction solution or a home fireplace, our aim is to make every project better by a chimney.


Continuous Research and Development

We are relentlessly seeking superior solutions to the challenges of smoke extraction

Guaranteed Functionality Everywhere

Our products are developed in Finland, where temperatures fluctuate by up to 60°C.


High-class, Durable Products

High-quality materials, latest insulation technology and above-standard testing practices 


Safety First

30 years, 40 000 delivered chimneys – 0 fires!