Interior Designer's Choice

When an interior designer builds their own home, every detail counts – and only the best products will do.


When it came to selecting a chimney, interior designer Milla Alftan was impressed by Siro Air's energy-efficient features, as well as its stylish and functional design.


Safe From Fire:  
Hotel Iso-Syöte protected with Siro


Half of hotel Iso-Syöte was destroyed by a fire that started from a fireplace. Härmä Air's Siro chimneys were used to minimize future fire risks in the rebuilt hotel.


Prison Cooking Like You've Never Seen


In the former prison premises of Kakola, there is now a charming restaurant and lounge bar. Cooking over an open flame in a challenging location would not be possible without Härmä Air's innovative solutions.


Chimney Like Candy:
Siro fits Minna Parikka's style


In a design home, the chimney is not just a functional element but part of the overall aesthetic that reflects the owner's style and creativity. The Siro chimney provided an opportunity for creative self-expression without compromising on safety.