Accessories for Every Need


We want to make sure that our chimneys are easy to install securely. To guarantee foolproof installation and easy maintenance, we have designed our own installation accessories.


Roof Penetration Kit


Our roof penetration kit ensures the watertightness of the most common roof structures. Penetrations take into account possible settling of the building structure, thermal expansion of the chimney flue, and, in the case of Siro Air chimneys, the transport of fresh air.


The tight, durable, easy-to-install flashing covers the entire chimney and is suitable for most roof profiles and pitches. Available in all common roof colors.

  • For all steel chimney models (including models other than Härmä Air)
  • For the most common chimney diameters (inner tube 80–250 mm)
  • For roof slopes of 0-40°

Structural Penetrations


With Härmä Air's high-quality accessories, penetrations become tight and secure. This maximizes fire safety and minimizes heat loss in the building.

  • Wall Penetrations 
  • Tall Penetration Insulations 
  • Dropped Sauna Ceilings 
  • Hollow Structures 
  • Green Roofs 
  • Skylight Penetrations 

Exodraft Chimney Fans 


Sometimes poor draught is caused by environmental factors. To ensure optimal draught in even the most challenging conditions, we partnered with Exodraft – the world leading manufacturer of chimney fan systems.


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